About Us

XDeal is a global digital trading platform that uses artificial intelligence and big data to realize automatic overseas spot sales. After 20 years of foreign trade accumulation, the platform has more than 50,000 foreign distribution customers, and the annual sales of single products can reach tens of millions of dollars. Vigor Group and Renmin University of China have strategically cooperated with an investment of 3 billion yuan to build a production-university-research base to help Chinese enterprises in their digital transformation.

XDeal是全球数字化全品类销售平台,利用人工智能和大数据,实现海外现货自动销售。 经过二十年的外贸积累,平台拥有五万多个国外分销客户,单品年销售额可达上千万美金。 维源集团和中国人民大学战略合作,投资30亿元人民币,共建产学研基地,助力中国企业数字化转型。