2 In 1 Portable Food Warmer Electric Lunch Box

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Good for drivers to enjoy warm food.
Enjoy family picnic time. 
It can be used in Office, school, car, or at home. 
Enjoy the delicious food and happy moments. 
Using Guides
1.Put the Food in. 
2.Plug the cable. (Home use the white one. Car use the black one) 
3.Please pull out the power cord before eating. 
4.Enjoy the meal. 
Heating Time
*Summer: 30-40 Minutes
*Winter: 35-45 Minutes
It is suggested to add some water into the food if the food has been set aside for a long time. 
No need to wait in line for microwave heating, you can have a warm meal sitting in your seat. 
Package Includes: 
1 x 40W Electric Heating Lunch Box with Spoon
1 x PP Removable small Container
1 x Car-Use charging adapter
1 x Home-use charging adapter
1 x English Instruction Manual

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