Universal Silicone Cat Dog Food Can Lids Covers Four Colors

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Why Choose Our Pet Can Covers?

Perhaps you are search for something to close the various pet food cans or open jars, because food will spoiling and drying out after opening, and there will have a strong smell in the fridge without a cover! Now, these silicone can covers will be a perfect solution for you to keep pet canned food fresh longer, and prevents the fridge from smelling like pet food. The lid has been designed for standard size food cans. It has three different size of inner diameter--2.5 inch, 2.9 inch, 3.3 inch and stretches a bit is available. So one can lid can cover small, medium, and large pet food cans. In addition, these pet can covers are made of silica gel which is very soft and flexible, allow them to fit snugly and grip the rim of the cans for giving a good seal. Not only keep pet food from going stale, but also control odors, keep refrigerator from smelling like dog and cat food! Provide a better living environment for pets and family members! 

Product Specification: 
Material: Silicone
Color: Pink, Green, Orange, Blue
Lid Inner Diameter: 2.5”/2.9”/3.3” 
Package Included: 1pc Pet Can Lids


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