Pets Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar With Buckle Adjustable

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Heavy-Duty Nylon Dog Collars are a great solution for your pup' s pulling. Made with 
two loops, our martingale style collar will give you gentle control when walking 
your pet. Perfect for training, our collar is designed to prevent your pupper from 
slipping their head out of it. As your pet pulls, the collar will tighten without 
choking them. When the tension gives, so will the collar; the martingale will 
loosen when your dog stops struggling against it. The limited closure of the 
Martingale collar prevents it from becoming too tight. A no-slip, adjustable-
choke collar is an excellent solution for hard-headed pups who slip out of their 
collars. Our collars create a safer experience for your dog. 

Once you receive your collar, open the collar wide by adjusting the metal slide. Slip 
it over your dog's neck and decrease size until you can comfortably slip only a 
couple of fingers under the collar. The unique limited closure prevents the choke 
from becoming too tight. 

Constructed using 100% nylon webbing, our collars are ribbed, soft, and sleek to 
the touch; they also sport a bit of sheen. We at Country Brook Petz pride 
ourselves on only using the best hardware and you can rest assured that these 
collars will withstand whatever your pup brings its way. All of our collars are 
handcrafted after the sale. Please note that we will ship within two business days 
of receiving payment and size.

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